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Modeling and Optimization of 3D Printing Process of Pleurotus Eryngii Powder Using Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm

SU AnXiang1(), HE AnQi2, MA GaoXing1, ZHAO LiYan2, YANG WenJian1, HU QiuHui1()   

  1. 1 Collaborative Innovation Center for Modern Grain Circulation and Safety/Jiangsu Province Engineering Research Center of Edible Fungus Preservation and Intensive Processing/College of Food Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, Nanjing 210023
    2 College of Food Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095
  • Received:2023-09-28 Accepted:2023-12-04 Online:2024-02-01 Published:2024-02-05


【Objective】Food 3D printing technology, a promising technology in the field of food, can be affected by multiple factors and thus has problems, such as difficulty in determining printing parameters and poor ability of predicting printing accuracy. This paper aimed to seek out an effective modeling method to optimize 3D printing parameters of Pleurotus eryngii powder and to determine the optimal conditions for 3D printing.【Method】Pleurotus eryngii powder and locust bean gum were adopted as 3D printing ink. Then, based on single-factor experiments, the central composite experimental design was performed to study the influence of four key process parameters - nozzle diameter, printing height, nozzle movement speed and fill density - on the accuracy of 3D printing. In order to optimize 3D printing parameters of Pleurotus eryngii powder, response surface methodology (RSM) and artificial neural network and genetic algorithm (ANN-GA) were employed to achieve different effects.【Result】The determination coefficient (R2), root mean square error (RMSE), relative error (RE), and optimal value of prediction (VOP) of RSM model were 0.8817, 0.2314, 72.73%, and 0.148, respectively; the R2, RMSE, RE, and optimal VOP of ANN-GA model were 0.9389, 0.2269, 33.85%, and 0.215, respectively. The ANN-GA model obtained higher R2, lower RMSE and RE, and was better fitting ability, and higher optimal VOP than RSM model, so ANN-GA model possessed better prediction ability. Compared with RSM, ANN-GA was more suitable for optimization of 3D printing parameters of Pleurotus eryngii powder. The optimal process parameters of 3D printing obtained by ANN-GA, with Pleurotus eryngii as printing ink, included nozzle diameter 1.2 mm, printing height 1.1 mm, nozzle movement speed 24 mm·s-1, and fill density 84%. Experimental verification suggested that the deviation of printed samples by ANN-GA was 0.325, which was superior to the actual printing deviation 0.550 by RSM.【Conclusion】ANN-GA was effective in determining the optimal process parameters of 3D printing and accurate in predicting the accuracy of food 3D printing products. Therefore, ANN-GA could serve as an effective and convenient method for optimizing personalized 3D printing parameters of agricultural products and food.

Key words: 3D food printing, Pleurotus eryngii, neural network, genetic algorithm, process optimization

Table 1

Coded and actual values of independent variables"

Nozzle diameter (mm)
Nozzle height (mm)
Moving speed of nozzle (mm∙s-1)
Fill density (%)
-2 0.8 0.8 15 60
-1 1.0 1.0 20 70
0 1.2 1.2 25 80
1 1.4 1.4 30 90
+2 1.6 1.6 35 100

Fig. 1

Effects of nozzle diameter on 3D printing performance of Pleurotus eryngii powder-Locust bean gum samples Different capital letters indicate significant difference in height (P<0.05), different lowercase letters indicate significant difference in side length (P<0.05). The same as below"

Fig. 2

Effects of nozzle height on 3D printing performance of Pleurotus eryngii powder-Locust bean gum samples"

Fig. 3

Effects of moving speed of nozzle on 3D printing performance of Pleurotus eryngii powder-Locust bean gum samples"

Fig. 4

Effects of fill density on 3D printing performance of Pleurotus eryngii powder-Locust bean gum samples"

Table 2

Central composite design and results of 3D printing parameters"

因素Factor 偏差量
Deviation (%)
Nozzle diameter (mm)
Nozzle height (mm)
Moving speed of nozzle (mm∙s-1)
Fill density (%)
1 1.00 1.00 20 70 2.60
2 1.40 1.00 20 70 1.60
3 1.00 1.40 20 70 2.20
4 1.40 1.40 20 70 1.58
5 1.00 1.00 30 70 2.69
6 1.40 1.00 30 70 2.03
7 1.00 1.40 30 70 2.21
8 1.40 1.40 30 70 1.99
9 1.00 1.00 20 90 1.54
10 1.40 1.00 20 90 0.91
11 1.00 1.40 20 90 1.95
12 1.40 1.40 20 90 0.61
13 1.00 1.00 30 90 1.60
14 1.40 1.00 30 90 1.30
15 1.00 1.40 30 90 1.73
16 1.40 1.40 30 90 1.03
17 0.80 1.20 25 80 2.00
18 1.60 1.20 25 80 2.51
19 1.20 0.80 25 80 2.51
20 1.20 1.60 25 80 1.94
21 1.20 1.20 15 80 0.47
22 1.20 1.20 35 80 1.84
23 1.20 1.20 25 60 2.56
24 1.20 1.20 25 100 0.92
25 1.20 1.20 25 80 0.12
26 1.20 1.20 25 80 0.43
27 1.20 1.20 25 80 0.86
28 1.20 1.20 25 80 0.06
29 1.20 1.20 25 80 0.19
30 1.20 1.20 25 80 0.19

Table 3

Variance analysis of regression model for printing sample deviation"

Source of variance
Sum of squares
Degree of freedom
Mean square
F value
P value
模型 Model 17.510 14 1.250 7.99 0.0001**
A喷嘴直径Nozzle diameter 0.800 1 0.800 5.10 0.0392*
B打印高度Nozzle height 0.190 1 0.190 1.22 0.2871
C移动速度Moving speed of nozzle 0.770 1 0.770 4.92 0.0424*
D填充率 Fill density 3.760 1 3.760 24.01 0.0002**
AB 0.005 1 0.005 0.03 0.8668
AC 0.190 1 0.190 1.19 0.2917
AD 0.015 1 0.015 0.10 0.7612
BC 0.007 1 0.007 0.04 0.8377
BD 0.052 1 0.052 0.33 0.5739
CD 0.006 1 0.006 0.04 0.8474
A2 5.860 1 5.860 37.45 <0.0001**
B2 5.800 1 5.800 37.04 <0.0001**
C2 1.020 1 1.020 6.48 0.0224*
D2 3.170 1 3.170 20.23 0.0004**
残差 Residual 2.350 15 0.160
失拟项Lack-of-Fit 1.900 10 0.190 2.12 0.2102
纯误差 Pure error 0.450 5 0.090
总和 Sum 19.860 29

Fig. 5

Response surface plots of effects of interaction between various factors on the comprehensive deviation of the printing samples"

Fig. 6

Simulation effect of artificial neural network"

Fig. 7

Optimization process of genetic algorithm"

Table 4

Comparison of optimization results between RSM and ANN"

The optimal value of the prediction
The result of the verification
Relative error (%)
RSM 0.8817 0.2314 0.148 0.550 72.73
ANN-GA 0.9389 0.2269 0.215 0.325 33.85
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