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Study on the Association Between the Expression of Candidate Genes in Different Waves and Hair Follicle Characteristics

NI Rong1, SUN Wei1, YIN Jing-feng1, LÜ Xiao-yang1,WANG Qing-zeng1, SU Rui1, CHEN Ling2WU Wen-zhong2, XU Hou-sheng3, LI Yong4, CHEN Jia-zhen5, LIU Wei-zhong6   

  1. 1Animal Science and Technology College, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009, Jiangsu
    2Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Bureau of Suzhou, Suzhou 215200, Jiangsu
    3Xuhou Huayang Sheep Industry Co., Ltd., Xuzhou 221200, Jiangsu
    4Xuhou Shenning Sheep Industry Co., Ltd., Xuzhou 221200, Jiangsu
    5Goats Rrofessional Cooperatives of Lvyuan of Fengxian Country of Jiangsu, Xuzhou 221741, Jiangsu
    6Zhenjiang Wanshan Hongbian Agricultural Park, Jurong 212400, Jiangsu
  • Received:2014-06-06 Online:2015-04-16 Published:2015-04-16

Abstract:  【Objective】The article aims to study the relevance between the expression of 5 candidate genes in different patterns and hair follicle characteristics, in order to learn more about the correlation between candidate genes and hair follicle characteristics and screen the genes for later functional verification. 【Method】The article detected the expression of 5 genes between different groups by RT-PCR, combined histology and microscopic observation techniques, analyzed the correlation between 5 genes and hair follicles. 【Result】 The results showed that: Hu-sheep hair follicle was distributed in groups, and it was mainly three follicles in a group, the larger diameter was the primary hair follicles, and the relatively small diameter was primary follicles.The diameter of primary follicles in large waves was significant differences with medium and small waves (P<0.01) , and there was no significant differences between small and medium waves(P>0.05). The diameter of secondary follicles in medium waves was significantly differences with large and small waves(P<0.01), but there were no significant differences between small and large waves(P>0.05).The number of primary follicles was no significant differences among large, medium and small waves(P>0.05), but in the same vision,the number of primary follicles in large waves was more than that of medium and small waves.The number of hair follicles in medium waves was significant differences with large and small waves(P<0.01), but there were no significant differences between large and small waves(P>0.05);The expression of MMP2 among medium waves was highly significant differences with large and small waves(P<0.01) and showed no significant differences between large and small waves(P>0.05). The expression of BMP7 and SFXN1 among small waves was significant differences with large and medium waves(P<0.05) and showed no significant differences between large and medium waves; The expression of remaining genes was not significant differences among large, medium and small waves(P>0.05). The relative expression of MMP2 had a significant positive correlation with secondary follicle in large waves(P<0.05). The relative expression of BMP7 was significantly correlated with primary follicle diameter in small waves, with the number of small waves’ secondary follicles showed a highly significant positive correlation(P<0.01), and negatively correlated with medium waves’ primary follicle diameter, the number of secondary follicle(P; The relative expression of SFXN1 was negatively correlated with large waves’ primary follicles(P<0.05), showed significantly positively related and highly significant positive correlation with small waves’ primary and secondary follicle diameter, and in medium waves’ primary follicles showed significant negative correlation. Under the condition of the same expression of BMP7 gene, the primary follicles’diameter was more than medium waves, the number of secondary follicles was more than medium waves, it was consistent with biopsy results. With the same expression of MMP2 gene , the number of large waves was more than small waves and medium was the least. It was consistent with biopsy. In addition, with the same expression of SFXN1 gene, the diameter of small waves was the largest and medium was the least. It was not match with the biopsy results, but the number of secondary follicles was slightly difference, the trend was the same, the results were basically consistent. Although other genes associated with hair follicles, their expression in large, medium, small waves were not significant.【Conclusion】 BMP7、MMP2、SFXN1 can be used as an important candidate gene for early breeding.<0.05)

Key words: hu-sheep lambskin, hair follicle, patterns

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