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Journal of Integrative Agriculture  2023, Vol. 22 Issue (3): 908-922    DOI: 10.1016/j.jia.2022.08.107
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Growth and nitrogen productivity of drip-irrigated winter wheat under different nitrogen fertigation strategies in the North China Plain

Sunusi Amin ABUBAKAR1, 2, 3, Abdoul Kader Mounkaila HAMANI1, 2, WANG Guang-shuai1#, LIU Hao1, Faisal MEHMOOD1, 2, Abubakar Sadiq ABDULLAHI3, GAO Yang1, DUAN Ai-wang1

1 Key Laboratory of Crop Water Use and Regulation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs/Farmland Irrigation Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinxiang 453002, P.R.China

2 Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100081, P.R.China

3 Department of Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi 740272, Nigeria

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过量施氮是华北冬小麦(Triticum aestivum L.生产过程中氮素流失和利用效率低下的主要原因。滴灌水肥一体化被认为是提高氮素利用效率、减少氮素损失的有效方法,然而由于缺乏科学的施氮制度限制了当下水肥一体化滴灌施肥应用效果。通过设置2年田间试验,设计了5个随水施氮(46% N尿素,240 kg ha-2)处理和1个缓释氮肥(43% N240 kg ha-1)处理,5个随水施氮制度分别是:N0-1000%在播种期,100%在拔节期/孕穗期),N25-7525%在播种期,75%在拔节期/孕穗期),N50-5050%在播种期,50%在拔节期/孕穗期),N75-2575%在播种期,25%在拔节期/孕穗期),N100-0100%在播种期,0%在拔节期/孕穗期)和缓控肥(100%在播种期)研究了不同水肥一体化施氮制度对滴灌冬小麦生长发育和产量的影响。研究结果显示:氮肥基/追比改变显著影响了冬小麦产量、产量组成、地上生物量(ABM)、水分利用效率(WUE)和氮肥偏生产力(NPEP)。相比其它处理,N50-50缓释氮肥处理效果最好,产量(8.848.85 t ha-1ABM20.6720.83 t ha-1)、WUE2.282.17 kg m-3)和NPFP36.8236.88 kg kg-1)。本研究结果表明,在华北地区冬小麦生产过程中运用滴灌水肥一体化施氮(最佳尿素基/追比为50:50综合成本较低,相比等量施用较为昂贵的缓释肥很有竞争力。虽然在冬小麦生产过程中单次施用缓释肥可以有效降低高额的人工成本,但是如今人力成本不断攀升的情况下,使用滴灌水肥一体化施氮(尿素基/追肥比为50:50)为华北农民获得冬小麦增产、增收提供了一种新型灌溉施肥方式。


Excessive application of nitrogen (N) fertilizer is the main cause of N loss and poor use efficiency in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) production in the North China Plain (NCP).  Drip fertigation is considered to be an effective method for improving N use efficiency and reducing losses, while the performance of drip fertigation in winter wheat is limited by poor N scheduling.  A two-year field experiment was conducted to evaluate the growth, development and yield of drip-fertigated winter wheat under different split urea (46% N, 240 kg ha–1) applications.  The six treatments consisted of five fertigation N application scheduling programs and one slow-release fertilizer (SRF) application.  The five N scheduling treatments were N0–100 (0% at sowing and 100% at jointing/booting), N25–75 (25% at sowing and 75% at jointing and booting), N50–50 (50% at sowing and 50% at jointing/booting), N75–25 (75% at sowing and 25 at jointing/booting), and N100–0 (100% at sowing and 0% at jointing/booting).  The SRF (43% N, 240 kg ha–1) was only used as fertilizer at sowing.  Split N application significantly (P<0.05) affected wheat grain yield, yield components, aboveground biomass (ABM), water use efficiency (WUE) and nitrogen partial factor productivity (NPFP).  The N50–50 and SRF treatments respectively had the highest yield (8.84 and 8.85 t ha–1), ABM (20.67 and 20.83 t ha–1), WUE (2.28 and 2.17 kg m–3) and NPFP (36.82 and 36.88 kg kg–1).  This work provided substantial evidence that urea-N applied in equal splits between basal and topdressing doses compete economically with the highly expensive SRF for fertilization of winter wheat crops.  Although the single-dose SRF could reduce labor costs involved with the traditional method of manual spreading, the drip fertigation system used in this study with the N50–50 treatment provides an option for farmers to maintain wheat production in the NCP.

Keywords:  split nitrogen strategies       wheat yield       drip fertigation       water use efficiency       nitrogen use efficiency  
Received: 10 February 2022   Accepted: 28 April 2022

This research was funded by the earmarked fund for China Agriculture Research System (CARS-03-19), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51879267 and 51709264), the Open Fund Projects of the Agricultural Environment Experimental Station of Minstry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China (FIRI2021040103), and the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Program (ASTIP) of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

About author:  Sunusi Amin ABUBAKAR, E-mail:; #Correspondence WANG Guang-shuai, Tel/Fax: +86-373-3393224, E-mail:

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Sunusi Amin ABUBAKAR, Abdoul Kader Mounkaila HAMANI, WANG Guang-shuai, LIU Hao, Faisal MEHMOOD, Abubakar Sadiq ABDULLAHI, GAO Yang, DUAN Ai-wang. 2023. Growth and nitrogen productivity of drip-irrigated winter wheat under different nitrogen fertigation strategies in the North China Plain. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 22(3): 908-922.

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