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Journal of Integrative Agriculture  2017, Vol. 16 Issue (06): 1256-1267    DOI: 10.1016/S2095-3119(16)61574-5
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The application of Fourier transform mid-infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy to identify variation in cell wall composition of Setaria italica ecotypes
Christopher Brown1, Antony P. Martin1, 2, Christopher P. L. Grof1

1 Centre for Plant Science, School of Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Newcastle, Newcastle 2308, Australia 2 Light Sheet Microscopy Unit, Hunter Medical Research Institute, Newcastle 2305, Australia

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Abstract  Cell wall composition in monocotyledonous grasses has been identified as a key area of research for developing better feedstocks for forage and biofuel production.  Setaria viridis and its close domesticated relative Setaria italica have been chosen as suitable monocotyledonous models for plants possessing the C4 pathway of photosynthesis including sorghum, maize, sugarcane, switchgrass and Miscanthus×giganteus.  Accurate partial least squares regression (PLSR) models to predict S. italica stem composition have been generated, based upon Fourier transform mid-infrared (FTIR) spectra and calibrated with wet chemistry determinations of ground S. italica stem material measured using a modified version of the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) acid hydrolysis protocol.  The models facilitated a high-throughput screening analysis for glucan, xylan, Klason lignin and acid soluble lignin (ASL) in a collection of 183 natural S. italica variants and clustered them into classes, some possessing unique chemotypes.  The predictive models provide a highly efficient screening tool for large scale breeding programs aimed at identifying lines or mutants possessing unique cell wall chemotypes.  Genes encoding key catalytic enzymes of the lignin biosynthesis pathway exhibit a high level of conservation with matching expression profiles, measured by RT-qPCR, among accessions of S. italica, which closely mirror profiles observed in the different developmental regions of an elongating internode of S. viridis by RNASeq.
Keywords:  monocotyledonous C4 grasses      lignin biosynthesis      Fourier transform mid-infrared spectroscopy      Setaria italica  
Received: 02 November 2016   Accepted:
Corresponding Authors:  Christopher P. L. Grof, E-mail:    

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Christopher Brown, Antony P. Martin, Christopher P. L. Grof. 2017. The application of Fourier transform mid-infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy to identify variation in cell wall composition of Setaria italica ecotypes. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 16(06): 1256-1267.

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