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Journal of Integrative Agriculture  2022, Vol. 21 Issue (7): 1997-2018    DOI: 10.1016/S2095-3119(21)63747-4
Special Issue: 园艺-分子生物合辑Horticulture — Genetics · Breeding
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Identifying potential flavonoid biosynthesis regulator in Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim. by genome-wide characterization of the MYB transcription factor gene family
WANG Xiang-yuan1, 2, TIAN Lu1, 2, FENG Shi-jing3, WEI An-zhi1, 2
1 College of Forestry, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, P.R.China
2 Research Centre for Engineering and Technology of Zanthoxylum State Forestry Administration, Yangling 712100, P.R.China 
3 College of Forestry, Guizhou University, Guiyang 550025, P.R.China

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本研究在花椒中鉴定了270个MYB基因,并将其分为四个亚家族。 R2R3-MYB (ZbMYB) 包含251个基因,根据系统发育结果和序列相似性分为33个亚科。这些亚科中有24个同时包含花椒MYB和拟南芥AtMYB,9个仅包含花椒或拟南芥。具有相似功能的ZbMYB聚集在同一亚科中,表明功能保守。亚细胞定位分析预测大多数ZbMYB基因存在于细胞核中。转座复制在花椒MYB基因家族的扩展中起主要作用。通过系统发育分析和转录组分析,发现28个ZbMYB基因可能调控花椒中黄酮类化合物的生物合成,这些基因呈现出独特的时空表达模式。在花椒果实不同发育阶段,通过qRT-PCR分析得出EVM0042160EVM0033809基因的表达模式与花椒中的黄酮类和花青素物质含量曲线非常相似。进一步相关性分析表明,不同发育阶段花椒果实的黄酮类物质含量与28个ZbMYB基因的转录本丰度具有不同程度的相关性。这些结果表明ZbMYB基因可能参与了花椒中黄酮类物质代谢途径。对为花椒中MYB基因家族全面系统分析以及进一步研究MYB转录因子的功能奠定了坚实的基础。

Abstract  Plant MYB transcription factors (TFs) play crucial roles in regulating the biosynthesis of flavonoids but current analysis on their role in Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim. (ZBM) is far from comprehensive.  In this study, we identified 270 MYB genes in ZBM and divided them into four subfamilies.  The R2R3-MYB (ZbMYB) category contained 251 genes and was classified into 33 subfamilies according to their phylogenetic results and sequence similarity.  These subfamilies included 24 subgroups containing both MYBs of ZBM plants and AtMYBs, and nine subgroups containing only ZBM MYBs or AtMYBs.  ZbMYBs with similar functions clustered into the same subgroup, indicating functional conservation.  The subcellular localization analysis predicted that most ZbMYB genes were found in the nucleus.  The transposed duplications appeared to play a major role in the expansion of the MYB gene family in ZBM.  Through phylogenetic analysis and transcriptome profiling, it was found that 28 ZbMYB genes may regulate the biosynthesis of flavonoids in ZBM, and these genes expression presented distinct temporal and spatial expression patterns.  In different fruit development stages of ZBM, the expression patterns of EVM0042160 and EVM0033809 genes obtained by qRT-PCR analysis are very similar to the flavonoid and anthocyanin content curves in ZBM.  Further correlation analysis showed that the content of flavonoids in different fruit development stages and the transcript abundance levels of 28 ZbMYB genes have different degrees of correlation relationship.  These results indicated that the ZbMYB genes might be involved in the flavonoid metabolic pathway.  This comprehensive and systematic analysis of MYB family genes provided a solid foundation for further functional analysis of MYB TFs in ZBM.
Keywords:  Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim.       MYB transcription factor       expression pattern       regulation of flavonoid biosynthesis  
Received: 24 September 2020   Accepted: 22 May 2021
Fund: This research was financially supported by the National Key R&D Program of China (2018YFD1000605) and the Project of Science and Technology Development Center, National Forestry and Grassland Administration, China (KJZXSA202025).  

About author:  Received 24 September, 2020 Accepted 22 May, 2021 WANG Xiang-yuan, E-mail:; Correspondence FENG Shi-jing, E-mail:; WEI An-zhi, E-mail:

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WANG Xiang-yuan, TIAN Lu, FENG Shi-jing, WEI An-zhi. 2022. Identifying potential flavonoid biosynthesis regulator in Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim. by genome-wide characterization of the MYB transcription factor gene family. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 21(7): 1997-2018.

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