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Preparation of Ultrasound-Assisted Zein Ethylene Scavenger Film and Its Preservation Property of Bananas

FAN Xin(), LI YuXin, KUANG JiWei, YANG Ting, LIU MiaoMiao, CAO YunGang, HUANG JunRong   

  1. School of Food Science and Engineering, Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, Xi’an 710021
  • Received:2022-06-03 Accepted:2022-11-15 Online:2023-04-16 Published:2023-04-23


【Objective】 Ethylene is an important plant hormone that has a key influence on the quality and shelf life of fruit. In this study, zein was modified to transform into a stretched structure and consequently expose its internal active functional groups by the high-field intensity ultrasound treatment (HIU). Numerous functional groups (-SH) exposed in modified zein film could rapidly react with ethylene via a click reaction, resulting in an extended shelf life of the fruit. 【Method】 The 5 g zein was dissolved in acetic acid-DI water (4:1) solution. The zein solutions were sonicated for 0, 5, 15, and 30 min at an ultrasonic power of 400 W and dried in a drying oven at 40℃ for 24 h to obtain the zein-0 film, zein-5 film, zein-15 film, and zein-30 film. The structures of zein before and after HIU treatment were analyzed by circular dichroism spectroscopy, endogenous fluorescence, particle size potentiometer, and scanning electron microscope. The mechanical and ethylene adsorption properties of zein-based films were characterized by the texture analyzer and the VOC detector. Bananas were used as the climacteric fruit samples to investigate the effectiveness of the zein films as ethylene scavengers. The ultrasonic treated zein film and banana samples were placed in the same plastic sealing bag and then stored at room temperature for 10 d. The performance for extending shelf life was evaluating by browning rate, the flesh hardness, and the weight loss rate of bananas. 【Result】 The HIU treatment (20 kHz, 400 W, 15 min) could effectively stretch the structure of zein. The particle size of the zein and the content of the α-helix were decreased to 1 013.3±6.9 nm, and 45.86%, respectively, and the content of the β-sheet increased to 12.20%. Compared with the zein-0 film, the ethylene adsorption capacity and oxygen resistance of the zein-15 film were increased by 9.486 mg·m-3·h-1 and 0.75×10-16 kg·m·m-2·s-1·Pa-1, respectively. The results including the browning rate, the flesh hardness, and the weight loss rate of bananas indicated that the zein-15 film could effectively extend the shelf-life of bananas. 【Conclusion】 The HIU treatment (20 kHz, 400 W, 15 min) could effectively induce to stretch the zein structure and expose more functional groups, resulting in an improved ethylene adsorption performance of zein. The zein-15 film presented a better ethylene adsorption capacity, oxygen permeability, and mechanical property, leading to an extended shelf life of bananas and its life as the ethylene scavenger.

Key words: ultrasonic treatment, structural modification, zein film, ethylene scavenger, shelf life

Fig. 1

Effect of HIU on secondary structure (A), tertiary structure (B), particle size and Zeta potential(C), and total sulfhydryl content of zein (D)"

Fig. 2

SEM images of zein and the averaged particle size of zein"

Fig. 3

The oxygen permeability and carbon dioxide permeability of zein films by the HIU treatment"

Fig. 4

Mechanical properties of zein films by the treatment of HIU elongation at break (A), and tensile strength (B)"

Fig. 5

Photo of bananas (A), browning rate of the bananas after 10 days (B), ethylene adsorption capacity (C), hardness of bananas (D), and weight loss rate of bananas (E)"

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