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Study on Network Database Platform of Hill-Black Swine Breeding Data

 YANG  Liang, XIONG  Ben-Hai, 吕Jian-Qiang , CHANG  Le, SUN  Xiu-Kun   

  1. 1.Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100193
    2.Jilin City Jing-qi-shen Organic-Agricultural Ltd. Company, Changchun 130052
  • Received:2012-11-19 Online:2013-06-15 Published:2013-03-18

Abstract: 【Objective】 The aim of the study is to preserve resource data and to increase efficiency of breeding and genetic improvement of Hill-Black breeding pigs. 【Method】 Based on the North Hill Black pigs production process from progenitor to parents and to its commodity pigs, the pigs in breeding farm were divided into breeding boar, mothball boar, breeding sow, mothball sow, grew boar, grew sow, finishing boar, finishing sow and so on, and the standards and specifications of essential information of breeding pigs were designed. 【Result】 The study constructed pig breeding data management and analysis platform by using. Net and SQL Server 2008 network database technology, and realized remote network database management of essential breeding process information or data, and it could analyze some derived indexes including calving interval, low production sow and high production sow so on on-line, and it also realized intelligent alert of various production events such as mating, parturition, weaning, transfer group and culling.【Conclusion】 Regardless of how complicated in types, quantity and generation reproduction of the Hill-Black breeding pigs, it is possible to do a integrated data management, analysis and intelligent decision-making by developing a network computing system in terms of a series of databases, business logics and corresponding models.

Key words: Hill-Black swine , breeding data , network database , data analysis , graphical analysis

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