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Journal of Integrative Agriculture  2022, Vol. 21 Issue (9): 2641-2651    DOI: 10.1016/j.jia.2022.07.020
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Tomato mottle mosaic virus: characterization, resistance gene effectiveness, and quintuplex RT-PCR detection system
Carlos Kwesi TETTEY*, YAN Zhi-yong*, MA Hua-yu, ZHAO Mei-sheng, GENG Chao, TIAN Yan-ping, LI Xiang-dong
Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology, College of Plant Protection, Shandong Agricultural University, Tai’an 271018, P.R.China
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本研究中,我们首先测定了中国山东省潍坊市番茄果实采集到的ToMMV山东分离物(ToMMV-SD)的症状特点和基因组特性。ToMMV-SD在番茄叶片上引起严重的花叶、斑驳和坏死,在果实上引起黄斑和坏死斑。ToMMV-SD全长基因组包括6399个核苷酸(登录号:NW373515),在基因组水平上与美国分离物SC13-051一致率最高,为99.5%。构建的ToMMV-SD侵染性克隆在本氏烟(Nicotiana benthamiana)叶片引起明显的花叶和坏死。ToMMV-SD可侵染一些含有抗性基因Tm-22的商业化番茄品种和含有抗性基因L的辣椒品种。茄子(Solanum melongena)和大白菜(Brassica pekinensis)表现斑驳症状,中烟100(N. tabacum cv. Zhongyan 100)表现为无症侵染。ToMMV-SD不能侵染小白菜(Brassica rapa ssp. chinensis)、萝卜(Raphanus sativus)、原种28-2豇豆(Vigna unguiculata cv. Yuanzhong 28-2)、含有N基因的珊西烟(N. tabacum cv. Xanthi NN)和Tm-22转基因本氏烟。建立的五重RT-PCR系统能够将ToMMV与番茄花叶病毒、番茄褐色皱果病毒、烟草花叶病毒和番茄斑萎病毒区分,检测下限达到0.02 pg。这些结果对ToMMV的快速诊断和防控具有积极作用


Tomato mottle mosaic virus (ToMMV), an economically important species of the genus Tobamovirus, causes significant loss in yield and quality of tomato fruits.  Here, we identified the Shandong isolate of ToMMV (ToMMV-SD) collected from symptomatic tomato fruits in Weifang, Shandong Province of China.  ToMMV-SD caused symptoms such as severe mosaic, mottling, and necrosis of tomato leaves, yellow spot and necrotic lesions on tomato fruits.  The obtained full genome of ToMMV-SD was 6 399 nucleotides (accession number MW373515) and had the highest identity of 99.5% with that of isolate SC13-051 from the United States of America at the genomic level.  The infectious clone of ToMMV-SD was constructed and induced clear mosaic and necrotic symptoms onto Nicotiana benthamiana leaves.  Several commercial tomato cultivars, harboring Tm-22 resistance gene, and pepper cultivars, containing L resistance gene, were susceptible to ToMMV-SD.  Plants of Solanum melongena (eggplant) and Brassica pekinensis (napa cabbage) showed mottling symptoms, while Ntabacum cv. Zhongyan 100 displayed latent infection.  ToMMV-SD did not infect plants of N. tabacum cv. Xanthi NN, Brassica rapa ssp. chinensis (bok choy), Raphanus sativus (radish), Vigna unguiculata cv. Yuanzhong 28-2 (cowpea), or Tm-22 transgenic N. benthamiana.  A quintuplex RT-PCR system differentiated ToMMV from tomato mosaic virus, tomato brown rugose fruit virus, tobacco mosaic virus, and tomato spotted wilt virus, with the threshold amount of 0.02 pg.  These results highlight the threat posed by ToMMV to tomato and pepper cultivation and offer an efficient detection system for the simultaneous detection of four tobamoviruses and tomato spotted wilt virus infecting tomato plants in the field. 

Keywords:  host range        multiplex RT-PCR        resistance genes       symptom        Tobamovirus        tomato mottle mosaic virus  
Received: 16 September 2021   Accepted: 26 October 2021
Fund: This study was supported by the grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (32072387), and the ‘Taishan Scholar’ Construction Project, China (TS201712023).
About author:  Carlos Kwesi TETTEY, E-mail:; YAN Zhi-yong, E-mail:; Correspondence LI Xiang-dong, Tel: +86-538-8242523, Fax: +86-538-8226399, E-mail:; TIAN Yan-ping, E-mail: * These authors contributed equally to this study.

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Carlos Kwesi TETTEY, YAN Zhi-yong, MA Hua-yu, ZHAO Mei-sheng, GENG Chao, TIAN Yan-ping, LI Xiang-dong . 2022. Tomato mottle mosaic virus: characterization, resistance gene effectiveness, and quintuplex RT-PCR detection system. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 21(9): 2641-2651.

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