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Journal of Integrative Agriculture  2018, Vol. 17 Issue (12): 2783-2789    DOI: 10.1016/S2095-3119(18)62056-8
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Pharmacokinetics of oral ethanamizuril solution in chickens
CHENG Pei-pei, HU Xing-xing, WANG Chun-mei, LIU Ying-chun, WANG Mi, ZHANG Ke-yu, FEI Chenzhong, ZHANG Li-fang, WANG Xiao-yang, ZHENG Wen-li, XUE Fei-qun
Key Laboratory of Veterinary Chemical Drugs and Pharmaceutics, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs/Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai 200241, P.R.China
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Ethanamizuril (EZL) is a novel triazine anticoccidial compound that has high anticoccidial activity in chickens.  In order to treat coccidiosis rationally in poultry, a detection method was developed for ethanamizuril in broiler plasma, and then the pharmacokinetics studies were performed in broilers after oral administration of different dose levels.  Ethanamizuril was administered as single oral doses at low (0.67 mg kg–1 BW), medium (1.33 mg kg–1 BW) and high (6.67 mg kg–1 BW) levels in which the medium dose was that recommended in clinics.  Plasma concentrations of ethanamizuril were determined using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography and the data were analyzed with a non-compartmental model.  Peak plasma concentrations of ethanamizuril were (2.16±0.57), (3.91±0.71), and (23.71±5.02) mg L–1 at (5.17±1.80), (4.60±2.12), and (4.60±2.12) h, respectively.  The terminal elimination half-lives (t1/2λz) for ethanamizuril were (10.84±2.59), (10.66±2.47), and (13.34±3.10) h after oral administration at low, medium and high doses, respectively.  The areas under the concentration-time curve (AUC0–t) were (37.68±6.87), (73.19±9.18), and (485.76±125.10) mg L–1 h with mean residence times (MRT0–t) of (14.79±3.03), (15.57±3.69), and (20.22±4.01) h at the 3 dosages, respectively.  Ethanamizuril was absorbed rapidly and eliminated slowly.  A comparison across the dose range indicated that the time to reach peak plasma concentration (Tmax) values were similar while peak plasma concentration (Cmax) and AUC0–t were positively correlated with increasing dosages.  This study of the pharmacokinetics of an ethanamizuril solution in chickens provides a theoretical basis for the rational use in the clinic.
Keywords:  ethanamizuril solution        coccidiosis        pharmacokinetics        chickens  
Received: 16 April 2018   Accepted: 03 December 2018
Fund: This research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31472235 and 31272607), the Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai, China (14ZR1449000), the Special Scientific Research Fund of Agricultural Public Welfare Profession of China (201303038), the Central Grade Public Welfare Fundamental Science Fund For Scientific Research Institute, China (2016JB08 and 2016JB04) and the National Key Technology Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2015BAD11B01-06).
Corresponding Authors:  Correspondence Xue Fei-qun, Tel: +86-21-34293460,; WANG Chun-mei, Tel: +86-21-34293396,E-mail:   

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CHENG Pei-pei, HU Xing-xing, WANG Chun-mei, LIU Ying-chun, WANG Mi, ZHANG Ke-yu, FEI Chenzhong, ZHANG Li-fang, WANG Xiao-yang, ZHENG Wen-li, XUE Fei-qun. 2018. Pharmacokinetics of oral ethanamizuril solution in chickens. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 17(12): 2783-2789.

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