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  • 收稿日期:2019-03-27 接受日期:2019-06-06 出版日期:2019-08-16 发布日期:2019-08-21
  • 通讯作者: 张桂芬
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One-Step Duplex Rapid Identification Technique of Frankliniella occidentalis Greenhouse and Lupin Races Based on Species-Specific COI Marker

ZHANG Rong1,WANG YuSheng1,YANG LiMei3,WAN FangHao1,2,ZHANG GuiFen1,2()   

  1. 1 State Key Laboratory for Biology of Plant Diseases and Insect Pests/Key Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management of Crop, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100193
    2 Center for Management of Invasive Alien Species, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Beijing 100193
    3 Agricultural Technology Extension Station of Yufa, Daxing, Beijing 102602
  • Received:2019-03-27 Accepted:2019-06-06 Online:2019-08-16 Published:2019-08-21
  • Contact: GuiFen ZHANG


【背景】西花蓟马(Frankliniella occidentalis)是世界性农业和园艺作物害虫,也是我国重要的对外对内检疫对象。西花蓟马具有两个品系,即温室品系(greenhouse race,GR)和羽扇豆品系(lupin race,LR),二者在寄主范围、抗药性、生存环境等方面均具有明显差异,但外部形态相似,无法准确鉴别。【目的】以西花蓟马温室品系和羽扇豆品系为靶标,以田间常见的其他14种蓟马为参照,采用基于线粒体DNA细胞色素C氧化酶亚基I(mitochondrial DNA cytochrome c oxidase subunit I,mtDNA COI)基因的种特异性(species-specific COI,SS-COI)PCR法,研究一步双重品系快速检测技术。【方法】采用mtDNA COI基因通用引物获得西花蓟马温室品系和羽扇豆品系以及其他常见蓟马的COI序列,根据测序结果以及数据库已公开数据,设计筛选获得可同时扩增两个品系的特异性组合引物(TF6/GR32/LR12),其中TF6为品系通用上游引物,GR32为温室品系特异性下游引物,LR12为羽扇豆品系特异性下游引物,其扩增片段大小分别为温室品系362 bp、羽扇豆品系541 bp;对组合引物比例和退火温度进行优化;同时,对组合引物的种/品系特异性和灵敏性/检测阈值进行检验。【结果】当组合引物TF6/GR32/LR12比例为1.0/0.2/0.8、退火温度为44℃时,扩增效果最好。种/品系特异性检测结果证实,该检测技术仅对西花蓟马温室品系和羽扇豆品系具有扩增能力,对田间常见的其他14种蓟马包括花蓟马(Frankliniella intonsa)、禾花蓟马(Frankliniella tenuicornis)、黄胸蓟马(Thrips hawaiiensis)、大蓟马(Thrips major)、棕榈蓟马(Thrips palmi)、烟蓟马(Thrips tabaci)、普通大蓟马(Megalurothrips usitatus)、豆喙蓟马(Mycterothrips glycines)、草木樨近绢蓟马(Sussericothrips melilotus)、蔗腹齿蓟马(Fulmekiola serrata)、稻简管蓟马(Haplothrips aculeatus)、榕端宽管蓟马(Mesothrips jordani)、榕母管蓟马(Gynaikothrips ficorum)和横纹蓟马(Aeolothrips fasciatus)等不具有扩增能力。灵敏性检测结果显示,该组合引物不仅对单一品系或混合品系的成虫具有良好的扩增效果,对单粒卵、1龄和2龄幼虫以及预蛹和蛹均具有同样的扩增效能;对温室品系的最低检测阈值为35.90 pg·μL -1,相当于1/10 240头雌成虫,对羽扇豆品系的最低检测阈值为146.95 pg·μL -1,相当于1/2 560头雌成虫;同时,对来自不同地域的同一品系不同单倍型的成虫亦具有良好的扩增效能。【结论】建立的技术体系完全可以用于西花蓟马品系的快速鉴定及检疫监管,对有效阻截其进一步传播扩散及靶向防控措施制定意义重大。

关键词: 西花蓟马温室品系, 西花蓟马羽扇豆品系, 一步双重PCR, SS-COI标记, 品系特异性组合引物, 快速鉴定


【Background】Frankliniella occidentalis is one of the most important pests infesting agricultural and horticultural crops worldwide, also it is a national- and international-wide important quarantine pest. F. occidentalis has two races, i.e., greenhouse race (GR) and lupin race (LR). There are significant differences between the two races in host plant species, pesticide resistance, living environments, etc. However, it is difficult to identify these two races because of their high similarity in morphological characteristics.【Objective】In this study, a one-step duplex PCR procedure for rapid identification of F. occidentalis greenhouse race and lupin race was developed by using species-specific COI (SS-COI) marker based on mitochondrial DNA cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (mtDNA COI) gene, and other 14 common thrips species in the field were used as the control.【Method】The COI sequences of F. occidentalis greenhouse and lupin races, and other 14 thrips species were amplified using mtDNA COI gene universal primers. The race-specific primer combination system, TF6/GR32/LR12 (TF6, the universal forward primer; GR32, the greenhouse race-specific reverse primer; LR12, the lupin race-specific reverse primer), for one-step duplex amplification of the two races was established. The fragments amplified by the combined primers were 362 bp for the greenhouse race and 541 bp for the lupin race, respectively. The system and conditions (e.g., annealing temperature) were optimized. The species/race specificity and sensitivity/ detection threshold of the combined primers were evaluated.【Result】When the ratio of the combined primers (TF6/GR32/LR12) was 1.0/0.2/0.8 and the annealing temperature was 44℃, the amplification effect was the best. Species/race-specific tests performed with this set of combined primers indicated that all F. occidentalis greenhouse race and lupin race specimens were detected positively and no cross reaction with other 14 thrips species, including Frankliniella intonsa, Frankliniella tenuicornis, Thrips hawaiiensis, Thrips major, Thrips palmi, Thrips tabaci, Megalurothrips usitatus, Mycterothrips glycines, Sussericothrips melilotus, Fulmekiola serrate, Haplothrips aculeatus, Mesothrips jordani, Gynaikothrips ficorum, and Aeolothrips fasciatus, was identified. The system was tested on individual male and female adults, individual prepupae and pupae, individual 1st and 2nd instar larvae, and even single egg, and demonstrated to be applicable for all these stages of greenhouse and lupin races of F. occidentalis, either in single race or two races mixed together. The detection threshold for greenhouse race was 35.90 pg·μL -1, which was equivalent to 1/10 240 of a whole female adult. The detection threshold for lupin race was 146.95 pg·μL -1, which was equivalent to 1/2 560 of a whole female adult. Meanwhile, the system worked well in testing individuals from different geographic populations with different haplotypes within greenhouse race or lupin race of the thrips. 【Conclusion】The one-step duplex PCR system developed here for rapid identification of F. occidentalis greenhouse and lupin races could be useful in port quarantine and interception in national and international transportation of agricultural products, and should be significant in blocking further spreading and developing targeted prevention and control measures of F. occidentalis.

Key words: Frankliniella occidentalis greenhouse race, F. occidentalis lupin race, one-step duplex PCR, SS-COI marker, race-specific combined primer set, rapid identification