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Dear Author/Researcher,
Journal of Integrative Agriculture (JIA, ISSN 2095-3119, IF 1.042) invites you to:
Submit research paper, review or letter for publishing in Special Issue of Digital Mapping in Agriculture and Environment, 2018.

Pedometrics 2017 was held in Wageningen, the Netherlands from 26 June to 1 July. It was a joint conference of the IUSS Pedometrics Commission. The special issue of Digital Mapping in Agriculture and Environment is organized based on the conference and calls for more papers.

Guest Editor of this special issue:
    Prof. SHI Zhou, Zhejiang University,
    Prof ZHANG Wei-li, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Preferred themes of the special issue:
    a) Research progress in digital mapping
    b) Effect and application of digital mapping method in the field of agricultural sciences
    c) Digital mapping and the space-time evolution of large-scale soil environmental quality
    d) Digital mapping and the investigation and evaluation of soil and environmental quality
    e) Digital mapping and the fast acquisition technology by modern sensors
    f ) Digital mapping and sampling strategy
    g) Method and application of 3D digital mapping

Submission deadline: 31-12-2017

Submission website:

Please state “Special Issue” at the end of the title when you submit.

For any question about submission, please feel free to contact Dr. SUN Lu-juan (Managing Editor) at: sunlujuan@caas.cn 

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